Eroticism without Frontiers

On Saturday afternoon, Mr. Guillermo Leon, representative of Ibero American Group of Guidance and Support for Sexual Health, approached Altamira Village Hotel, invited by Mr. Julio Pereira, one of our invited artist to participate on this small sample EROTIC, to observe the exposure of 24 plastic artists who will be exhibiting for two weeks.

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He, in his astonishment saw this proposal gladly, and denoted the subject selected for this exhibition was somewhat assertive and ideal for these so aggresive times full of socio-political and sexual contradictions.

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"I never though to get to see an exhibition of such controversial topic exposed so openly on a space where everyone can watch it without any taboo", he said.

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He had so gladly and enthusiastic surprise, that he invited to Patio del Arte and their plastic artists to participate with an interview on his program, aimed at speak about art works exposed, looking for a guidance of language, coding and classifying of the eroticism and sensuality in the human being.

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invitacion protagonismo paralelo
Social and Cultural Center
Don Henrique Eraso 
September 4 to 13, 2018
Virtual Exhibition:


Physical Sample:
Altamira Village Hotel & Suites 
November 08 to November 20 2014

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