Eroticism in a Single Exhibition

Altmira Village Hotel spaces opened their doors to show the staging of the small sample what will be the Virtual Gallery of Ventana del Arte.

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This exhibition titled EROTIC, deveals a spirit of great sensuality, mysticism and human passion not only on intimacy moments, but in his day routines, showing between very fine and real lines that eroticism is part of every human being.

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Between laughs, glances and questions, guests and people curious about what you can see or learn from this exposure, shared that we all are part of the most ancient humanity's art, the eroticism.

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We invited all interested and wishful people of plastic arts knowledge to coming to see these works in Altamira Village Hotel and also in our website, without any kind of censorship or prejudice.

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invitacion protagonismo paralelo
Social and Cultural Center
Don Henrique Eraso 
September 4 to 13, 2018
Virtual Exhibition:


Physical Sample:
Altamira Village Hotel & Suites 
November 08 to November 20 2014

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