Unión Radio, Octuber 28, 2014

Updating time with Vanessa Davis

Cs, 10/28/2014. Vanessa remembered a previous funny and enthusiastic interview, and she started on this second opportunity introduce to Mr. Miguel Armas, web page designer and Virtual Gallery creator, accompanied by Mr. Freddy Simoza, plastic artist.

This time, it was emphasised on how would be the ride or transit through the gallery, the visit time and if it will remain on internet for a specific amount of time?. Mr. Miguel clarified that this would be on web site indefinitely, because this is the support of their artists plastics in first place, and a Foundation contribution to all artists, members or not, who they can receive some help.

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Vanessa Davis asked to artist Freddy Simoza on how is the work of artists within the foundation, to which he responded, "with creativity, work and perseverance, we could achieve a lot; while listening to the comments of Mrs. Vera Móttola, foundation's motor and active energy".

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Vanessa supported the words of Mr. Freddy Simoza and Miguel Armas, inviting the radio listener to participate this coming November 8th, in Altamira Village Hotel, to the sample-exhibit EROTIC, what can watch and enjoy on the virtual Gallery.

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Reminding all of you to see everything about this exhibit and its artists, please visit the website

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invitacion protagonismo paralelo
Social and Cultural Center
Don Henrique Eraso 
September 4 to 13, 2018
Virtual Exhibition:


Physical Sample:
Altamira Village Hotel & Suites 
November 08 to November 20 2014

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