Union Radio, September 11, 2014

A Mischievous Interview with our Director Vera Mottola and Vanessa Davis

Caracas - 9/11/2014. In the rooms of Union Radio, the renowned and talented journalist Vanessa Davis was host to Vera Mottola, Latin American Art Foundation Director, Juan Carlos Díaz Méndez, plastic artist, and Erick Peley, photographer.

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The main theme of the interview was their next Virtual exhibition called EROTIC (is the second of this kind in Latin American and a fifth to Hispanic level). The exhibition will open on November 8 of this year, in the Altamira Village Hotel at 11:00 a.m., with the participation of national and international reputation artists and the sponsorship of Altamira Village Hotel, Roof Top Restaurant, Megaforros 3000 Corp., C.M. Mobiliari and Full Frame, among others.

During the event we will be able to appreciate a small sample of the Virtual Exhibition, and it will remain exposed completelly on its web site, where you will can enjoy of the art works and also scenes, interviews and videos from this so waited event. To find out more information go to  facebook: ventanadelarte or Twitter: @ventanadelarte1.

Please click here to listen the full interview (Spanish only).


invitacion protagonismo paralelo
Social and Cultural Center
Don Henrique Eraso 
September 4 to 13, 2018
Virtual Exhibition:


Physical Sample:
Altamira Village Hotel & Suites 
November 08 to November 20 2014

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